Aug 19, 2015

For full details of the model see elsewhere

The purpose of this post is to consider how researchers using process-based models can best describe their methods, assuming that a given base model may be used in a series of papers. A common situation in the current literature is that a full description of any particular model is given in the first paper where it is used, and then in subsequent papers we say something like “For full details of the model see Falster et al (2011).

Aug 23, 2013

Making a case for a fully open trait database

This post previous appeared here UPDATE (2020.01.20): The most recent release of the TRY database has been released with an open source license (CC-BY). Great news!!! In the first week of September 2013, members of the TRY trait database consortium are meeting to discuss the future of TRY, including whether TRY should revise their model of data sharing. TRY is a community initiative aiming to Provide a global archive of plant traits, and Promote trait-based approaches in ecology and biodiversity science.

Jun 18, 2013

A nice title page for beamer presentations

I use beamer for making slide presentations, a scripted system based on the latex markup language. Overall, I really like it. But a persistent problem for me has been getting a pretty title page for my talks. Recently I managed to solve this. Previously I have either used the default beamer settings, which give something very plain, like this: Or I edited an image in Photoshop, exported it, then loaded it into my talk as a background.