Photo of Assoc Prof Daniel

Assoc Prof Daniel Falster
Lab Leader

How does competition shape the ecology, population dynamics, and traits of species and communities?
Photo of Dr Elizabeth

Dr Elizabeth Wenk
Postdoctoral Fellow (2010-)

Compiling AusTraits - a data compilation on traits of Australian plants. Writes hiking guides.
Photo of Fonti

Fonti Kar
Postdoctoral Fellow (2020-)

R package development
Photo of Philip

Philip Zylstra
Postdoctoral Fellow (2020-2023)

Evolution of tall Eucalypts. Flammability dynamics.
Photo of Saskia

Saskia Grootemaat
Postdoctoral Fellow (2020-2023)

Evolution of tall Eucalypts
Photo of Isaac

Isaac Towers
Postdoctoral Fellow (2020-)

Using traits to predict Eucalypt futures
Photo of Andrew

Andrew O'Reilly-Nugent
Postdoctoral Fellow (2020-)

Carbon farming projects. Extending plant model.
Photo of Theresa

Theresa O'Brien
PhD Candidate (2021-)

Tropical tree life histories
Photo of Fiona

Fiona Robinson
PhD Candidate (2021-)

Climate change impact on carbon farming projects
Photo of Rebecca

Rebecca Stolper
MPhil Candidate (2020-23)

Tree growth & mortality
Photo of Sophie

Sophie Yang
Research Assistant (2022-); Honours Student (2021-22)

Fire response strategies in Australian plants
Photo of Gillian

Gillian Kowalick
Research Assistant (2023-); Honours Student (2022); Volunteer (2021)

Vessel size of tall Euclaypts
Photo of Elijah

Elijah Magistrado
Honours Student (2023)

Vessel size in Eucalypts
Photo of Ashleigh

Ashleigh Ford
PhD Student (2024-); research assistant (2022); Honours Student (2021)

Growth rates of Mulga via dendrochronology

Collaborating students and post-docs based in other labs.

Photo of David

David Coleman
Postdoctoral Researcher (WSU)

Photo of Dr Saras

Dr Saras Windecker
Postdoctoral Fellow (Uni Melb)

Trait-based species distributions
Photo of Baptiste

Baptiste Wijas
PhD Candidate (lead supervisor: Mike Letnic)

Modelling how top predators impact vegetation and nutrient dynamics in the ecosystem
Photo of Helen

Helen Crisp
PhD Candidate (lead supervisor: K Moseby)

Assessing and improving the long-term sustainability of threatened species reintroduction programs
Photo of Lyra

Lyra Huang
PhD Candidate (lead supervisor: T Rogers)

Distributions of Dugongs


Photo of Lily

Lily Dun
Research assistant (2021-22); Honours Student (2021)

Floral traits, Competition for light
Photo of Mitchell

Mitchell Henry
Programmer (2021-2022)

Improving the plant model
Photo of Willem

Willem Magney
Honours Student (2021-22)

Gradients in Mulga traits
Photo of Dony

Dony Indiarto
PhD Candidate (2018-22)

Plant functional traits and species range shifts
Photo of Charlie

Charlie Hinchliffe
PhD Candidate (2018-22)

Community ecology, ecosystem processes, and population dynamics of fish and zooplankton in the aquatic environment.
Photo of Gary

Gary Truong
Project Officer (2021-22)

Photo of Rafael

Rafael Schouten
Research Assistant (2019-20)

Extending & generalising the plant model. Loves Julia, reluctantly uses R.
Photo of Simon

Simon Gorta
Research Assistant (2019-20)

Investigating historical clearing activity in Myall Lakes National Park to compare past and present vegetation compositions, tree sizes and abundance and carbon sequestration in the landscape
Photo of Fabrice

Fabrice Samonte
Intern & Research Assistant (2019-20)

Global forest height & extending datastorr
Photo of Caitlin

Caitlin Baxter
Research Assistant (2019-20)

Compiling AusTraits - a data compilation on traits of Australian plants.
Photo of John

John Wilshire
Honours student (2019)

Tracking long-term changes in a floodplain vegetation community
Photo of Dr Emma

Dr Emma Gray
PhD Candidate (2013-17)

Growth rates and functional traits of tropical rainforest and savanna species
Photo of Dr James

Dr James Camac
Postdoctoral Fellow (2013-16)

Partitioning growth-dependent and growth-independent causes of tree mortality
Photo of Dr Anaïs

Dr Anaïs Gibert
Postdoctoral Fellow (2013-16)

Meta-analysis testing how traits impact plant growth
Photo of Dr Rich

Dr Rich FitzJohn
Postdoctoral Fellow (2013-16)

Completely overhauled our software and workflows.
Photo of Dr Georges

Dr Georges Kunstler
Visiting Researcher (2013-15)

Global analysis- effect of traits on competition
Photo of Dr Deigo

Dr Deigo Barneche
Researcher assistant (2013-14)

Biomass and allometry database
Photo of Dr Angelica

Dr Angelica Vårhammer
Researcher assistant (2013-14)

Biomass and allometry database