I aim to run a stimulating and supportive lab, that give members regular opportunities to engage with each other. Participation in lab activities is expected of all lab members.

The “Cornsters” are members of the joint lab groups of Assoc Prof Daniel Falster & Assoc Prof Will Cornwell. Together, we have a weekly lab meeting and occasional social outings.

Weekly lab meetings

We meet each week to discuss the latest research and ideas in ecology and evolution. The style of meeting changes from week to week. Here is our current schedule:

Past lab outings

2022 Christmas bushwalk

To celebrate the end of 2022, the lab went for a bush walk near Springwood in the Blue Mountains, about 50km west of UNSW.

2022 ESA

The Cornsters lab at ESA 2022!

2019 Christmas bushwalk

To celebrate the end of 2019, the lab went for a bush walk in Botany Bay National Park, just 10km south of UNSW.

2019 writing retreat

In May 2019, we were hosted by Cornster Casey Gibson in her home town of Wingello, for a productive 2-day writing retreat. In amongst the writing, we enjoyed some tasty mushrooms, picked in Wingello State Forest.