(Note: this opportunity is now closed.)

Thanks to a grant from Eucalypt Australia, we are seeking two post docs to work on modelling eucalypt trees and the traits that govern performance and distributions. Investigators include: Ass Prof Peter Vesk (Melbourne), Dr Daniel Falster (UNSW), Dr Rachael Gallagher (Macquarie), Dr Martin De Kauwe (UNSW), and Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita. The overall goal of the project is to compare the different approaches and their projections for how Eucalypt distributions may change into the future. We expect a high degree of collaboration between the different labs.

The first position is for 3 years and based at the University of Melbourne, in Peter Vesk’s lab. The postdoc will test how well trait-Environment statistical models capture the distribution of Eucalypts along environmental gradients. The role will include a mix of field work and modelling.

The second position is for 2 years and based at the University of New South Wales, in Daniel Falster’s lab and jointly supervised by Martin De Kauwe. The postdoc will use process-based approaches to model changes in traits and performance of Eucalypts along environmental gradients.

We will also be looking to recruit students who are competitive for scholarships to work together with the team on this project.

Official adverts will be posted in the future, but get in touch Daniel or Peter if you are interested.

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